The Board of Directors meets by phone conference every month, and have traditionally had face-to-face meetings at the winter meeting and summer tour. As a non-profit organization we are also required to annually conduct a Business Meeting and we encourage all members to attend.  The Business Meeting is typically near the end of the year, but in 2021 we held ‘the 2020’ meeting on-line in January, with good attendance. Thank you for your participation !   When you have an item you would like to bring to the attention of the board, please email the section president (  We look forward to hearing from you.

Bylaws and Section Handbook

The Idaho Section operates under the bylaws (here) as updated in 2021.  The handbook also contains descriptions of the roles of the section officers and directors; some of us hope to get this updated in the foreseeable future.  In the meantime, drafts of Committee, Director, and Officer  duties are found at the bottom of this page.  For reference here is a copy of the last-approved 1989 handbook.

Chapter Boundaries

The Idaho Section is divided into four chapters, each of which has an elected director on the board  to serve, among other duties, as the representative to their chapter membership. The designated chapters are the Northern, Western, Southern, and Lyman-Richwine. 

Budget Request

The Idaho Section is committed to the professional development of our members and the public. If you are seeking sponsorship for an event or special request, you may fill out the budget request form and submit it to the Section President for review and Board approval.

The fiscal year of the Idaho Section is the same as the calendar year.

A draft budget is annually compiled by the Treasurer from all Committee Chairs, Officers and other special requests using the budget-request-form (above).  This draft out-year budget is then proposed to the Board by the Treasurer, for approval at the last Board meeting of the year.  This approved budget ‘holds’ unless the Treasurer receives updates from the person who submitted the original request.  Updates and new requests are not considered unusual, but need to come before the Board for approval.

For Committee Chairs and Members, Directors, Officers, and Essential Positions

Below are links for 2022 Committee structure and functions, Director and Officer duties, and references for other essential positions.  These are in draft form so please contact your President with corrections and suggestions; all are welcome.  Some parts of these documents may feel aspirational. But if they appear to be impossible, or in any way not helpful to the Section or its members, please let your President know.

Directors       Immediate Past President     President     President-Elect

         Secretary     Treasurer

Awards Committee     Fundraising    Membership Committee     Newsletter Editor

Nominations Committee    Programs/Activities Committee     Public Relations

Young Professionals Conclave Representative