Section Awards:

It is our great pleasure to recognize outstanding individuals and teams who demonstrate exemplary and noteworthy efforts in the rangeland management profession.

  • President’s Award — Each year the current section president selects the recipient of his or her choice to receive this special recognition award for service and involvement in the section.
  • Top Hand Award — For an individual or group who have demonstrated a noteworthy contribution to the section.
  • Outstanding Achievement Award — A career award for those individuals who have made substantial contributions over their extensive career in the rangeland profession.
  • Excellence in Range Management Award — For land managers or ranchers who are conservation-minded and embrace putting innovations in science and stewardship into practice.

We missed receiving your nominations for award recipients in 2021.  Wesley Anderton is our new awards chair and he is motivated to work with you and turn this situation for the better.  Meet Wes in the December 2021 newsletter and watch for updates from him in 2022.

Redd Fund:

The Redd Fund, a joint venture of the Charles Redd Foundation and SRM, offers a cost-share opportunity in an effort to 1) recruit ranchers to SRM by helping them attend SRM annual meetings, and 2) to increase the visibility of SRM to other organizations. More >>

Nominations for Redd Fund are now being accepted. Please complete the information requested in the following forms and return to the Idaho Section President by October 1.

>> Rancher Nomination Form
>> Booth Request Form

Past Idaho Section Award Recipients:

President’s Award

2012 Shannon Williams
2011 Meribeth Lomkin
2010 Lovina Roselle
2009 J.D. Wulfhorst
2008 Meribeth Lomkin
2007 Katie Moore
2006 Neil Rimbey and Karen Launchbaugh
2005 Roger Blew and Juley Hankins (Smith)
2004 Neil Rimbey
2003 Meribeth Lomkin
2001 Neil Rimbey
1999 Jim Strickland
1997 Kim Ragotzkie
1994 Mary Clark
1993 Jack Sept
1992 Nancy Shaw
1989 Ross Wight
1988 Nancy Shaw
1987 Jerry Taylor

Top Hand

2019 ISDA Range Management Program (Brooke Jacobson, Austin Terrell, Thadd Strom, and Jeremiah Johnson)
2018 Carmen Land and Livestock (Dave McFarland, Bruce McFarland, Tom McFarland, and Seth McFarland)
2012 State Rangeland Assessment CDE agency volunteers (in recognition for 3+ years service): Danelle Nance, Joanna Tjaden, Dan Patten, Juley Hankins-Smith, Meribeth Lomkin
2011 None
2010 Ray Holes
2009 Cindy Salo
2008 Ted Hoffman
2006 Dave Franzen, Jacy Gibbs, Jim Cornwell
2003 K. Lynn Bennett
2002 Gretchen Hyde
2001 Jim Strickland
1999 Nancy Shaw
1997 Ralph Swift
1994 Bruce Hanson
1993 Jeffrey C. Mosley
1992 Dan Lucas
1989 Neil Rimbey (and that is a fine award picture!)
1988 Lee Sharp
1987 Delmar Vail

Outstanding Achievement

2019 Gretchen Hyde
2012 Ron Kay
2011 Bonnie and Stan Jensen
2010 Jackie and Gary Ingram
2009 None
2008 Donna Bennett and Lee Brooks
2006 Jim Little and Jock McGregor
2005 Ken Sanders
2004 Chris & Dixie Black and family
2003 Slickspot Peppergrass CCA Workgroup: Ted Hoffman, Robert Baker, Charles Lyons, John McGrew, and Jeff Lord (all ranchers), K. Lynn Bennett, Susan Giannettino, and Darrel Albertson (BLM), Jeff Foss (USFWS), Jim Caswell and David Hensley (Idaho Gov. Office of Species Conservation), Ken Crane (ISDA), Tracy Behrens (IDL), Tracy Trent and Mike Mancuso (IDFG), Col. Charlie Chambers and Marj McHenry (Idaho Army National Guard)
2001 Steve Smart
1999 Steve Bunting
1997 Margaret Soulen
1997 Idaho Riparian PFC Training Team
1996 Mike Pellant
1994 Jim Baker
1993 Ennis Picket (Post Humously)
1992 Southern Chapter (specially mentioned – Elana Shaw, Ray Kelley, Mike Casados)
1989 Mike Hillman Family
1988 Gale “Shad” Chambers
1988 Dave Tidwell
1987 Steve Peebles

Excellence in Range Management Award

2019 Steve Boren
2012 Chris and Dixie Black
2001 Paul Hook
1999 Dave Nelson